Waning Webs (Framed)


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This photo, titled Waning Webs, was taken in July 2022 during a full moon. I setup my tripod that night looking at the moon and noticed the opportunity to have the moon "held" by a low hanging pine branch. This HDR exposure involved a 5 second open shutter. At the time, I was focused on the moon and pine branch and from where I stood in the dark, and could not see the spider web. It wasn't until I reviewed the image on the camera that I noticed this perfectly spun spider web framed right there in the shot!!! Spooky.

This photograph has been printed at the 30"x24" size, mounted to an adhesive foamcore, and hand framed out of pine wood. The frame has been meticulously cut using a table saw and miter saw and then has been carefully assembled in our shop. The frame has been painted white and the image has been sealed inside. It is NOT removable from this frame. This is a truly special, one of a kind piece.

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