Crafts and photography from the forest and the sea.  Artwork and prints created and captured to showcase the beauty of the world around us. 

John Muir once said, "In every walk with Nature, one receives far more than he seeks."  We live by this principal and seek to revive the natural relationship between man and the world around us.  Our crafts and photographs aim to bring the beauty of nature further into our lives to remind us to explore, to adventure, and to keep the outdoors close at heart.  All of our items are inspired by and from the ocean, the trees, and the wilds.  We must remember to care for the world around us, for our survival depends on the plants, the animals, and the balance of all things. 

The shop,  founded by Alex Corbin, was created to remind us of the natural beauty around us and to rekindle our bond with the natural world.  Alex grew up in Ohio fascinated with the woods and the trees and moved to California shortly after college.  He became in touch with the ocean through surfing and grew even more fascinated with the sea and our national parks.  In the beginning of 2019 he began to create works of art and photography in hopes of sharing his passion for our wonderful planet.

  As technology and the growing presence of social media continue to infiltrate our homes and our minds, we must remember to take time to enjoy the world away from our televisions and phones and explore our national parks,  beaches, forests and nature reserves. 

All of our crafts and artwork have been created to promote the world around us and capture the wonder of the ocean, the forest, and our ever changing planet Earth.  

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