Maui Honu



This is an underwater photo of a Hawaiian Green Sea turtle taken off the coast of Maui in November 2021. This photo was taken using a canon camera and an underwater housing,

I spent roughly an hour and a half treading in the water with this guy, whom I named Alfred. Turtles are such graceful creatures and possess a certain patience and elegance with their every move. He was gracefully swimming back and forth over the reef feeding on the algae and the rocks below as the tide came in that morning.

The photo has been printed on high quality Fuji paper and has been matted using archival linen hinging tape. A t-hinge has been used so the photo can be removed from the mat.

Here are the Print Sizes vs. Overall Size (in the mat).

16 x 20" (20x24 Overall) Single 8 Ply Mat
11 x 14" (16x20 Overall) Double 4 Ply Mat
8x10" (11x14 Overall) Double 4 Ply Mat

It is always of utmost importance to give turtles their space and not engage with them in any way that will deter their natural behavior. Hawaiian law is to give turtles at least 10 feet of space and never attempt to touch a turtle.

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