Take A Peak


11"x14" photo inside of mat. Overall 16"x20".

A photo of an A-frame wave beginning to break in Waimea, Kauai. This was taken on an early morning in October 2018 near the Waimea rivermouth.

This photo is #5/25 in the Original Wave Collection, a unique series of photos of waves both above and underwater.

This photo was taken in the water using a Canon 7D Mark II and Aquatech housing.

The photographer positions himself at the exact point in the water to be able to capture images just as the wave is breaking before diving underneath to allow the wave to pass over.

The image is taken at an extremely fast shutter speed (1/6000th of a second) in order to freeze the motion of the water so that droplets can be seen. This produces beautiful images of waves and water that seem to suspend time itself.

This was printed on Kodak Endura Lustre paper, providing the image with exceptional clarity, a slight matte finish and long life archival inks. This item has been permanently mounted to the mat, ensuring its protection. It is not removable from the mat. The gallery mat used is an 8 ply white mat that is durable and solid. Additional options such as photo only, are available upon request. Pricing varies with different options.

In order to prevent extreme bowing or camber, it is recommended to keep the photo in optimal temperatures (55-75 degrees) and in low humidity. Bowing is natural for mats but maintaining optimal conditions can help to minimize the effects. The picture and mat can also be framed for additional protection and presentation.

The photo is signed by the artist, Alex Corbin, and shows S+C for Swell and Cedar and the year produced, 2019.

Included with the photo is a Certificate of Authenticity. It displays the name of the work, "Take a Peak" as well as the print number 10/200 and collection number 5/25 as the Original Wave Collection is a limited collection of 25 different images.

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