Big Humi Fish

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“16 x 20” print in a 20 x 24” 8 ply white mat.

This is a portrait photo of a Hawaiian triggerfish commonly known as Humuhumu, short for its full name, Humuhumunukunukuapua’a. It is the Hawaiian state fish, commonly found near shallow reef beds where it uses its beak to eat coral and reef pieces and sift out the small organisms. It then dispels the sand or ground up matter from its beak out of its rear and you can often see it trailing from the fish, just like in this photo.

This photo was taken just off the beaches of Maui near Kaanapali. It has been printed on Kodak Endura Lustre paper, a durable medium that is vivid and matte and maintains great color spectrum while also protecting against fading.

The photo printed is 16x20” and is mounted in a 20x24” mat using an archival format known as the t-hinge method. The mat used is a double 4 ply mat, white on top of black, and cut with a V-groove.

The print is signed by the photographer, Alex Corbin, and includes a signed certificate of authenticity.

We only have one planet, one chance. All of our work is aimed at showcasing the natural beauty of our planet, in hopes of promoting preservation and respect for our world and its natural resources.

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